Smashing Soft Boiled Eggs!

I feel stupid.

This morning, I ordered a breakfast set – french toast with two soft boiled eggs and a cup of coffee. I had to crack the egg shells by myself. Unfortunately, I’m still really terrible at cracking egg shells – this, despite the fact that I do a lot of cooking.

So… What did I do?

I tried cracking the egg using the edge of the saucer dish. But instead of cracking the egg, I smashed the egg against the edge of the dish!!! AHHHH!!! Almost all the egg spilled on the table! I managed to salvage just a little bit.

I took the second egg. I told myself: Don’t use so much force this time. Go gentle.

Once again, I struck the egg against the edge of the saucer dish.

And once again, I used TOO MUCH FORCE!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

The egg smashed into pieces, spilling the juicy and delicious egg yoke and egg white all over the table.

Epic face palm moment.

What a waste of two perfectly good eggs. Hai…

This is why I don’t always order (or make my own) soft boiled eggs. The Girlfriend suggested that I should only order them when she’s around. She’s the expert egg-cracker in this relationship. I don’t know how she does it. I mean… The eggs are burning hot! How do you crack them open?

Hai… Oh well… What a tragic breakfast. =(

At least the coffee was good.