Durian Empire!

The other day, The Girlfriend and I discovered a really awesome durian dessert place. It’s called, “Durian Empire,” and you can find it at the old wing of Jurong Point.


What did we order? Well, we got a durian milkshake:


And a durian pancake…


With durian ice cream in it!


And… We got waffles with durian ice cream!


Haha… I accidentally cut and ate one of the waffle squares before realising that I was supposed to take a photo. Not to ruin the picture, I arranged the remaining 3 squares of that row to make it look a little more aesthetically pleasing.

What can we say?

It’s really good! The milkshake was great, the pancake was great, the waffles was great, the ice cream was great!

The ice cream is really amazing! Look at the texture in the photos above! It’s almost like eating the actual durian, except that it’s in ice cream form! How cool is that?

This is one place we’ll definitely re-visit again.

Anyway, here’s a little interesting trivia… Have you heard of Alfred Russel Wallace? He’s the guy who discovered the theory of evolution by natural selection on his own, at around the same time as Charles Darwin! (They later became friends) Anyway, Wallace was a naturalist who came to South East Asia in the 19th century to hunt and study the creatures in the region before sending specimens and his observations back to the UK.

While he was in South East Asia, he had the opportunity to try the wonderful king of the fruits – the durian! This was what he had to say:

When brought into a house the smell is often so offensive that some persons can never bear to taste it. This was my own case when I first tried it in Malacca, but in Borneo I found a ripe fruit on the ground, and, eating it out-of-doors, I at once became a confirmed durion eater… In fact, to eat durions, is a new sensation worth a voyage to the East to experience.

(Alfred Russel Wallace, “Malay Archipelago”)

The guy was a huge durian fan! To all visitors to South East Asia, heed his advice! Give it a go – you’ll love it!

I’m sure Wallace would be happy to enjoy the durian pancakes, waffles and milkshakes if he were alive today.