Eating Healthy, Saving Money

Today, I’ve started experimenting with a muesli mix diet for lunch. I figured it’ll be good for my health (more fibre, more vitamins, more… errr… stuff!), and, I’ll probably save some money while I’m at it. Don’t worry, I won’t be eating this everyday. I’ll eat this on alternate days.

Muesli is basically a mix of grains, nuts, and dried fruit (mainly raisins). A box of this costs about $7.20 (I’m using the Swiss Alpine one, with no added sugar), and from my experience with eating this for breakfast last week, it’ll last me for 5-6 meals. Not too bad! That averages out to slightly more than a dollar per meal.


I do not recommend eating muesli with milk. It’s always depicted with milk on the boxes (even people on the Internet recommend that you do that). Oh gosh, no! Milk makes the whole thing taste bad! When it has gone soggy, it tastes like a bowl full of cardboard and milk. Stay away from milk!

I have seen some recommendations online to eat this with juice or yogurt. That sounds like a good idea. I’ll try that out another time.

Today, I decided to mix it with fresh fruits. Two fruits, actually. I’ve got papaya and rock melon. Ok, my lunch box is a little too small, so I ate half a papaya as I couldn’t fit it all in. I’m so glad the school canteen sells fruit really cheap! Together, these two fruits cost 90 cents!!! Total cost of this meal, about $2.

Here’s how it looks:


I didn’t have a knife with me, so I used my spoon (it’s actually a spork – half spoon, half fork) to cut up the fruits, and mixed it with the muesli mix.

It was delicious!

I’m not sure if it was because of the lunch, but I was extra alert today. It was a nice feeling.

Although, I think I really should find additional ways to make this meal more satisfying. The entire day, I’ve been having fried chicken cravings. Oh gosh… And if that’s not all, I got hungry by 5pm (I ate at 12pm). I’m not sure if I should increase the amount of muesli. Guess I’ll try it on Wednesday.

Anyway, I’m super super motivated to eat healthy. Let me tell you why!

I just met the new tenant yesterday. He just moved in to occupy the room next to mine. He’s also a Singaporean. Now… Get this… This guy looks like he’s in his late 30s, early 40s. He’s very slim and he looks like he exercises a lot. Amazingly, he’s 62 years old!


Yesterday, over breakfast, he was sharing with me how he’s been eating very healthily some time back. Many years ago, he went for a medical check-up, as required by an insurance company, and the doctor told him that if he continued his way of life, he would not live to touch his CPF (for non-Singaporeans reading this, it’s basically a compulsory retirement savings fund where a portion of your salary goes into it each month, and the money will be made available to you when you reach retirement age).

Because of that, he made several changes. First, he stopped eating red meat. He eats white meat occasionally. He’s more or less a vegetarian. If he does eat oily food (e.g. char kway teow) from the hawker centre, he has the discipline to limit the consumption of such foods to a maximum of once a week. Usually, he’d order rice with three different types of vegetables for his lunch and dinner.

If that’s not all, he exercises by doing brisk walking three times a week.

Anyway, we were chatting in the kitchen where there wasn’t any electric fan. So it was really hot and humid. He paused the conversation and asked, “Can I take off my shirt? I can’t stand the heat. I’m feeling very uncomfortable sweating in this t-shirt” (In Singapore, it’s common for men to walk around the house bare-bodied, in case you’re wondering). I said, “Sure, I have no problems with that.”

With that, he took off his t-shirt and, LO AND BEHOLD – he had a super lean body with very VERY well-defined pectoral muscles!!!


He’s soooooo fit!!!

Ok, this guy is my new role model. I’m gonna eat more vegetables, and less meat, and exercise more. I’m sold by what I saw. A 62 year old man who looks so young and fit. He’s definitely going to live to touch his CPF money and enjoy his retirement in bliss. I’d like to do that too!