Coke Boiled with Ginger

This has got to be the craziest sounding drink EVER!

The other day, I was at Central, a Hong Kong cafe located at Star Vista Mall (the newly opened mall next to Buona Vista MRT station), for dinner.


While looking at the menu trying to figure out what I should eat, one item in the menu stood out. Take a look at menu item #714!


It’s Coke boiled with ginger!!!

How crazy is that?

Anyway, I happened to be in an adventurous mood at that time, so I decided to order one.

Here’s how it looks:


It kinda looks like a cup of black coffee. But it’s not! It’s coke – Coca Cola – and it was HOT! The most amazing part was when I put the spoon into the cup. Lo and behold, there was still lots of little bubbles rising up to the surface – even after it was boiled!

So, how did it taste?

Surprisingly, VERY GOOD!

I never knew warm coke would taste nice, but it did. And what made it really awesome was the fact that ginger was added into the coke. So, not only was the drink nice and warm (temperature-wise), but it was also spicy thanks to the ginger. MMMmmm… Really good!

It’s pretty amazing how drinks that initially sound weird (and possibly, even gross) turn out to taste so good. The other heavenly yet odd-sounding mix is yuan yang – coffee mixed with tea (See Making Yuan-yang (Coffee with Tea)).

I really wonder who came up with such ideas!