Our First Anniversary Together!

Yesterday, 27 Jan 2013, The Girlfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary together as a couple!

It’s really surreal. On one hand, it feels like we’ve been together for so long (it feels like five years); on the other hand, it feels as if time has flown by so quickly that we can’t believe it’s only been a year!

Time is a very strange thing.

The amazing thing is that we survived a year together without killing each other (and anyone else for that matter)! Haha!

Anyway, our first anniversary has been rather simple but eventful.

I’d usually plan something grand for such days like this, but the past few days have been really crazy that I’ve been unable to catch a breather to figure something out – much less to get a gift. It was all very ad hoc, but thankfully, everything worked out ok.

For better or for worse, our romantic date got delayed due to a little mishap.

We were out having lunch together with The Girlfriend’s mother (Haha… no! I know what you’re thinking – that’s not a mishap! Her mother’s really really awesome unlike the usual in-law horror stories that you frequently hear), when to our horror, we discovered that the front right tyre of her car got punctured by a NAIL! Oh gosh… A NAIL! Some idiot left a nail on the road and we went right over it! We had to wait an hour for the guys from the Automobile Association to come and replace the tyre. It was a good thing the car was parked right next to the cafe where we had lunch otherwise, the wait would have been pretty annoying.

Anyway, I think it was the hot weather (and the recent lack of sleep) that I felt really exhausted by the middle of the day. We went back to The Girlfriend’s place to rest before heading out in the evening for the start of our romantic date!

Originally, I wanted to get her something special, like a bouquet of 12 red roses, since I’ve been giving her a rose each month. But the difficulty was that my favourite florist shop closed down a couple of months ago. I went to my second favourite florist shop, but their only florist wasn’t in. So next, I tried another florist shop at Clementi central, but they were selling really low grade roses (the petals were rotting!) at extortion prices!

At that moment, I was about to go into despair – no roses on such a special day?! OH NO! – but as I was walking out of the shop, I spotted this:


Pretty cute, isn’t it?

Plus, these roses won’t wither away – a much better gift for our first anniversary! It’s really something that she’ll remember our first anniversary by!

So I got her that and she was very very excited about it!

What did we do? We decided that it’ll be really nice to visit the places we went to when we were dating before we got together. These places hold special meaning for us.

The first was Tiong Bahru. That was the place we went to immediately after I gave her my first rose and confessed my love for her by getting my little pet cat to deliver her a love note (See Yum Cha Dim Sum (飲茶點心) and A Prologue to The Relationship).

The second was West Coast Park. That was where we went out as a not-yet-a-couple-but-very-excited-to-be-one-soon. It’s amazing. We’ve not been to that place for slightly more than a year. It’s so nice to revisit that place. There’s a really huge playground there that’s fun for people young and old! They even got a 2m high flying-fox! We remember playing on some of these things. Now that we’re back, we went to revisit some of those things at the playground. And of course, with such a beautiful weather and night sky, we took a nice slow stroll along the coast.

What made that night really beautiful was the presence of a full moon!


Look at that, isn’t the sky beautiful?

It was a really romantic evening.

Hmm… The night might have been a bit too romantic for some people. While we were parking the car, we noticed that INSIDE the car parked opposite us – there was a couple making love in the backseat of their car! We spotted them because the headlights of our car shone directly into their car, revealing two people in the midst of passionate love-making!

Of course, we did what people would naturally do: we continued watching! HAHA! Ok, we were staring in disbelief and just out of sheer nosey-ness! I think they realised we were staring at them, so both of them quickly stopped, wiped themselves clean, while throwing tissue paper out of the car window, got dressed, and quickly got out of the car! The guy even got out to zip his bermudas! Haha… I think we accidentally interrupted their steamy evening. Oops! Get a room!

That was hilarious!

Anyway… We both agreed that this has been the best year of our life and we look forward to more happy moments, and more happy memories together!