Malaysia KFC

If you have friends from Malaysia, you’ve probably heard them say that the KFC there tastes way better than the KFC in Singapore.

I’ve heard it said many many times, and as a huge lover of fried chicken, I’ve been yearning to have a taste of the awesome Malaysian fried chicken.

Last Sunday, I finally had a chance!

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of their fried chicken. I was too excited that I ate it all up before coming to the realisation that I should have taken photos.

Anyway, in Singapore we have the Original and the Crispy. In Malaysia (in Johor Bahru, at least), they have the Original and the ‘Hot and Crispy’!

I ordered a two-piece chicken, with one Original and one Hot and Crispy. Hmm… The Malaysian Original somehow tastes similar yet better than the Singaporean one!

As for the Hot and Crispy? OH WOW!!! It was the best! It’s sooooo much better than the Crispy one here in Singapore. It’s spicier, crispier, and for some reason, tastes less oily than the Singaporean one. It was soooooo good!

Oh… The mash potatoes tasted different too! It was great!

I didn’t like the coleslaw though. The Malaysian one was pretty raw. It tasted as if someone shredded raw cabbage and carrots, and mixed the sauce into it and voila. I prefer the Singaporean one where it’s soft and sweet. If they have the Singaporean coleslaw in Malaysia, it’d be perfect. If they do so, as a HUGE lover of fried chicken, I might just shift my home to across the Causeway! =P

Overall, my first Malaysian KFC experience was AWESOME!


Look at that, the grass IS greener on the other side of the Causeway! Why? Because they’ve got a really awesome KFC (and awesome Char Kway Teow)! MMMmmm…