Koala Tea and Exploding Koalas!

Now, here’s something you don’t usually see at Supermarkets!

It’s… Koala Tea!


The first thing that came to my mind was – is it made from koalas?

I always check out the coffee and tea section of a supermarket and this is the first time I’ve seen such a product! How interesting!

Anyway, the koala on the picture looks so grandmotherly! Look at that!


I do think the brand name is a mismatch with the kind of tea served. I mean… When you think koala, you’d usually associate it with eucalyptus. But this isn’t eucalyptus tea! It’s licorice! How odd!

Anyway, speaking of koalas, here’s a fun little piece of information which someone told me when I was in Australia. When I first heard it, I can’t stop laughing because the thought of it is just SO CUTE! Now, I have no way of verifying this unless someone’s willing to give me a koala to test, but it sounds logical. Ok, here goes:

You know how koalas eat eucalyptus? Well, the oil inside the eucalyptus plant is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE! That’s why forest fires spread really quickly in Australia. Start a fire, and these trees will just burst into flames! Anyway, because koalas eat lots and lots of eucalyptus, their body oils contain eucalyptus oil as well. As such, koalas are just as flammable as the stuff they consume!

Imagine that! In a forest fire, those cute little koalas will go KABOOM! They’ll explode into cute little balls of fire!

Oh gosh! I almost died laughing when I tried to imagine that.

I’m so curious! I can’t seem to find anything on the Internet about it. The few Australians I’ve asked aren’t aware of this either. Gosh… I’d really like to see a koala explode into flames! I’m so curious to know if it’s true.

Perhaps I should submit this question to Mythbusters or something!