Hello Kitty Baby Wipes!

Recently, The Girlfriend and I visited Batam. As part of our usual hobby, we decided to check out the supermarket. This was what we found:


It’s Hello Kitty Baby Wipes!

Oh gosh! Hello Kitty look sooo cute on this packaging!


It’s even holding a small little teddy bear!

Anyway, here’s a little interesting fact about Hello Kitty:

Did you know that the reason why Hello Kitty is so appealing is because it has no mouth or eyebrows?

The lack of a mouth and eyebrows results in the absence of emotional expression. But it’s precisely because Hello Kitty is soooo emotionally empty that we end up (unconsciously) projecting our own subjective state onto it.

If I’m feeling happy, Hello Kitty will appear happy to me. If I’m feeling sad, Hello Kitty will appear sad to me. (Try it! Scroll up, look at the picture, and ask yourself what Hello Kitty is feeling, and what you’re feeling right now.)

Hello Kitty thus appears to be a very sympathetic character (and friend) capable of sharing in your joys and sorrows. Hence it’s strong appeal.

Interesting, isn’t it? =D