Captain Obvious Strikes!

I was at a Duty-Free Shop the other day when I spotted huge boxes of cigarettes (which contained about 10 packets in a box). What caught my attention was the HUGE health warning labels with ridiculously obvious warnings on it.

How HUGE? Well, these labels were about the size of an iPhone!

Here’s one:


Warning: Smoking Kills!

OMG! Really? Yup, if you’re going to smoke everything in this extra-value pack, I’m pretty sure it will!

(Remember, those labels were about the size of an iPhone. Can you imagine how big these boxes are?)

Here’s one that really got me laughing:



Warning: Smoking seriously harms you and others around you.


Here’s another one:


Warning: Smokers die younger!

No… Really? I thought I could prolong my life with this! Aww…

Hmm… It looks like someone hired Captain Obvious to write the most obvious (yet ineffective) health warnings on these boxes. Gosh… They’re so… so… obvious!

If they really want to dissuade smokers, they should write something non-obvious yet emotionally compelling, like: “Every time you smoke, a cute little kitten dies of lung cancer thanks to you, you cruel beast!!!”

Or: “Are you sure you want to smoke? Think of a cute little girl. Now imagine her weeping in tears. She’s crying because her family died of lung cancer, and now, she too has been diagnosed of lung cancer after inhaling all your cigarette smoke. Can you bear lighting your next cigarette and sleep peacefully tonight?”

Now that will make people pause for a while before buying a pack/box.