Exercise Makes You Live Longer – Much Longer!

I have a membership card at a shop that sells fitness clothes, accessories, and equipment. It gives me a 10% discount for all things store wide. Pretty worthwhile!

Today, I lent the card to a friend so that she could buy something. I haven’t used it in a while, so just to be sure, I checked the expiry date of the card. This was what I found:


Wow! My card expires on 31 Dec 2100!

Heehee… How cool is that? I don’t think it’s a typo (it can’t be 2010) because I got my card some time last year (2012).

Wow… I know exercise is good for your health and it makes you live longer. But giving me a discount card that expires in the year 2100 is really stretching the claim too far. Haha!

Haha… Anyway, I think my membership fee is really money well spent. I think I paid $10 for this discount card.

I could probably hand this card down to my future children to use.