Clownfish Facts! Once you know it, it’ll stick with you for life!

Have you ever seen a clownfish? Do you notice something odd about it?

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The other day, The Girlfriend and I were looking at an aquarium tank full of clownfish. At that moment, she told me something, which, from that moment on, I could never un-see it. You ready for it?

Do you know that clownfish wear white bikini underwear on their bodies?

Don’t believe me? Scroll up, can you see the white underwear?

Still cannot see? Here’s a close-up (with the image rotated):

clown-fish-clownfish-16804988-1600-10701Now, go do a google search on clownfish. You’ll discover that ALL clownfishes have that same white underwear on them!!! HOLY CLOWNFISH! Calvin Klein must have made a fortune selling underwear to them!

Haha… Though this bit of trivia is very interesting, I cannot stop looking at clownfish the same way again… EVER!!! The tank full of clownfish? I kept seeing white underwear floating everywhere in the water! AHHHHH!!!!!!

Oh… And, did you know that clownfish are sequential hermaphrodites? It means that they start out as males first. Then if the female clownfish is removed from the community, e.g. death, then the dominant male will transform into a female! Suddenly, the movie “Finding Nemo” has a whole new dimension to it.

Cannot unsee!!!!!