Exciting Deodorant!

I was taking a walk in the supermarket earlier this morning. I noticed they had a silly sign to point out deodorants in the aisle. What makes it look really silly was just how excited and happy the girl was as she sprayed deo on her armpits (with her mouth wide open).

I turned to The Girlfriend and asked, “Do you spray deodorant like that?”

“NOOO!!!” she replied. “Why would anyone be so happy spraying deodorant? You’d be spraying it into your mouth!”

I have absolutely no clue either. I figured, it might be useful to give it a try. I mean, if Cold Storage thinks that spraying deodorant should be fun and exciting, I should give it a try – who knows what fun I might be missing out on? So, grabbing the oddest-looking bottle near me, I took this photo:

wpid-photo-26-12-12-12-12-33-pmNope. I still don’t see how or why I should feel excited. Hahaha!

The Girlfriend shouted: “I’m dating a retard!!!”

LOL… Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing Day! Hope this ridiculous post brought you some Christmas cheer! =D