The Ladies of Evaporated Milk!

Have you ever noticed that evaporated milk is often represented by a lady?

There’s Milkmaid – a lady with a bucket over her head.


Then, there’s Dawn, who’s a cow!


And then, there’s Dutch Lady appearing in the form of a blue thingy above an ominous white glow amidst a sea of brown.


These are the popular brands that you often find in a supermarket. I was almost certain that all evaporated milk products had female/feminine representations. But as I was about to leave the supermarket aisle, I saw this…

Behold! It is… The KING OF KINGS!


It’s the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords! HALLELUJAH! Evaporated milk that’s only fit for the king of kings! I wonder how often Jesus buys this.

Anyway… Seeing so many different brands of evaporated milk, I’m starting to become curious about the differences in the taste between them. I’m more curious too because Marigold produces several brands of evaporated milk; Dawn and King of Kings are just two of the many evaporated milk products by them.

Hmmm… I wonder!