Panda Puffs (Does NOT Contain Pandas!)

Heehee… I’m so amused. I was walking around the supermarket today when I saw this!


It’s PANDA PUFFS!!! HOLY PANDA!!! (I’d normally shout “holy cow!”, but it is apt to invoke pandas for this post)

I’m really confused by the packaging.

The words on the box says it’s “peanut butter panda puffs.”

You mean it doesn’t taste of panda? Awww… I’ve always wanted to know how pandas taste like. Why does it not contain pandas?! I feel cheated! It’s like telling me Honey Stars Cereal does not contain honey or stars! Haha… =P

Anyway, I was expecting something like bamboo flavour (I love eating bamboo shoots, by the way. It’s delicious!)

But PEANUT BUTTER?!?!?!?! Seriously???

When I saw the pandas, I thought it’d be panda-flavoured cereal (err… Yum yum? I always wondered what pandas taste like – chicken?) or at least bamboo (or bamboo-flavoured) cereal.

That’s the last thing I’d associate with a panda! Pandas eat shoots and leaves! (Say that out loud!) They don’t eat peanut butter! You can’t even make a pun about pandas and peanut butter! =P

But anyway, my nonsensical musings aside, what’s cool about this is that if you buy a box, 1% of the money spent will be donated to wildlife.


It costs SGD$7+, so that means, 7 cents will go towards helping animals in the wild (I’m assuming they mean panda, but I find it odd that the box doesn’t directly mention pandas).

Also, they’ve got a photo of a cute panda at the back of the box!

The first thought that came to my mind was – WHY AREN’T YOU SPEAKING CHINESE?!?!?! French and English? Little Panda, aren’t you from China?

Haha… Ok, I think I’m done humouring you (and me). I’ll definitely buy this box of panda puffs soon. It does look interesting and tasty (even though it doesn’t taste of panda). =p