New Sport – Bug Zapping!

I found a new racket sport that I enjoy playing! It’s… BUG ZAPPING!


See this racket? It’s not an ordinary racket. You’ve got to insert 2 AA batteries. And when you press a button on the handle, the racket becomes a deadly bug zapper!

All you’ve got to do is to swat whatever insect that’s in the air, and POW! The insect touches the electrified netting, gets electrocuted, and sometimes, it’ll even BURST INTO FLAMES! It’s really fun killing mosquitoes with this especially now, where it’s the monsoon season. You can easily kill up to 5 mosquitoes in half an hour. The electrical zap sound is really thrilling.

The Girlfriend and I have been having a lot of fun trying to hunt down mosquitoes around the house. You could say it’s our new hobby.

Anyway, you rarely see this in Singapore. It’s more popularly sold in Malaysia. But The Girlfriend’s dad managed to find it in a pasar malam (night market) in Clementi. Pretty cheap and it does make insect killing a lot of fun! And it’s very very satisfying especially if you’ve got several mosquito bites on your foot. Vengence has never been so sweet! MUAH HAHAHAHA…

Here’s a picture of a mosquito living life on the edge!