By Far, the Most Satisfying Western Meal EVER!!!

Today, The Girlfriend and I got lost travelling around Ang Mo Kio. It was my fault really. I was too busy talking that I forgot to pay attention to the GPS (I was the navigator). So we missed a couple of turns here and there. Anyway, we were trying to find a place to have lunch before going off to another appointment. By chance, we spotted an interesting looking eatery at a coffee shop located at the base of an HDB flat. It looked really really good!


The eatery is called “Charco’s: The Flaming Chicken” and it’s located at the coffee shop in Block 608 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5.

They offer all kinds of meat roasted over a charcoal fire. In fact, they’ve got several of their meats on display behind the glass. And boy, does it look really really good!


We ordered a roast chicken set and a roast lamb set. And WOW! The food looked soooooo good!

Take a look! Here’s a photo of the roast chicken set!

Amazing, isn’t it? Gosh… My mouth is watering again just looking at it. The chicken was delicious! WOW! The egg salad was great. But the crème potatoes were the best! The cream sauce, the sprinkle of spices… Amazing!

Now, here’s a photo of the roast lamb set:


The sides were great! I had tuna pasta, ceasar salad, and a potato salad. But of course, the roast lamb, being the star attraction, was most fantastic! Lamb is a meat that isn’t very easy to prepare. Most places do it very badly, and the meat has a very strong smell. But here, the lamb was so well prepared it didn’t have a strong smell at all. In fact, what’s amazing about the lamb ribs was that despite the fact that it was roasted over a charcoal fire, the meat was still so tender and juicy. I must emphasize the fact that it was JUICY! It was amazing. Every bite was an intense experience.

(If you’re wondering, you’re allowed to choose the side dishes. They’ve got so many various sides for you to choose.)

It was sooooo good. At the end of the meal, we were both very satisfied. Looking back at all the food I’ve eaten, I’ve never felt so wonderfully satisfied by a meal before. This is by far the one place that has given me the most amazing eating and post-eating experience EVER!!!!

The Girlfriend and I decided that this place is definitely a place we’d like to come back to again regularly (maybe once a month?). Nowadays,  so many good eateries are disappearing. Some time ago, I found a good popiah place in Boon Lay, and the next week, the entire coffeeshop closed down. I found a good Peranakan eatery some time back too, but a few weeks later, the eatery was gone and replaced by another eatery. Gosh… It’s scary how fast things change and disappear in Singapore.

Anyway, it’s good to know that this place just opened. I think they have the potential to go on for a long time. So since it’s the best Western place I’ve ever eaten, I think it’s good to help them spread the word of just how awesome their food are!

Oh yeah… The coffee shop has a really cute signage:


Oh gosh… The dog and cats are soooo cute!!! I can’t bear to refuse them entry to the coffee shop. Look at how adorable the cats are! If they stared at me, I’d probably give them my entire plate of roast lamb for them to feast.

Beware the hypnotic power of cute animals! Don’t bring them into the coffee shop, or they’ll mind control you to feed them.