Good Bye Hellish Neighbourhood! Hello Tranquility!

At last! I’ve moved out of the hellish neighbourhood! I can finally say hello to some peace and tranquility.

Unfortunately, it’s not at the place in Clementi that I was optimistic about (see my previous post here). As it turns out, even though the place isn’t that close to the MRT station, the noise generated can be really loud at night. That came as a surprise because the sound of the train wasn’t so bad earlier in the day. Well, it’s good to know this little info. The next time I intend to buy a house, I now know that the convenience of living so close to the train station unfortunately means that you don’t get to enjoy a quiet night. Even though trains end their services around midnight, there will be a mass exodus of trains (back to the depot I guess?) followed by regular track maintenance in the middle of the night. I doubt it’ll be pleasant.

Also, the one thing that really annoyed me was that the landlord insisted on a curfew of 11pm. That means that I won’t get to enjoy eating a Big Mac at 3am in the middle of the night. Shucks! Well, I can understand where the landlord is coming from. After all, he has 2 kids in primary school.

Oh well… This just means that I’ll have to continue my search for a place to stay.

In the mean time, I’ll be staying temporarily at The Girlfriend’s house. Her mum has been very sympathetic to my plight and has opened her house as a tranquil place of refuge. I’ve been to their place so regularly and I know for a fact that this is indeed a really peaceful place to live in.

Thankfully I don’t have too many things to pack. It took me less than 2 hours to pack up all the essential things that I’ll need. I wished I have less stuff though. I’ve been very inspired by a particular professor who travels around the world so frequently that he has successfully reduced all his personal belongings to fit into a trolley bag and a back pack. I think that’s pretty cool though I’m still quite far from that ideal.

Now that I’ve moved out, the one thing I will miss most is my beloved cat. Wished I can bring it with me wherever I go. But it has become the block’s pet cat. So it wouldn’t be fair for the cat nor for every cat lover in the block. Anyway, it seems to have gotten the sense that I’m moving out. I haven’t seen the cat very much lately because I’ve been out most of the time. But today, it came and sat next to me for almost an hour as I was packing my bags. It came again later as I was about to leave the house. I guess that was its way of wishing me farewell.

Gosh… I really love that cat!

Oh well…

Anyway, now that I have moved out, I can finally get a good rest and concentrate on my school work. I hope things start going uphill from today onwards.