Moving out soon!

After so many painful days of trying to find a place to rent, I’m excited! At last, a real estate agent (a friend of a friend) has found two units that I could rent. I’ll be viewing them tomorrow. The location is really ideal because not only is it near my university, it’s a stone’s throw from Clementi central, where all the amenities and eateries are, and yet it’s located just far enough to avoid the crowds that throng the area.

Right now, I can imagine my daily routine: I’ll wake up early, have a delicious breakfast at the nearby coffeeshop (chee cheong fan or kaya toast and a cup of tea), take a bus to school and spend the entire day working on my Honours dissertation late enough just to catch the last bus back. (Or, on some days, I’ll join The Girlfriend and her family for dinner). And then, if I can’t sleep, or if I need to work through the entire night, I could always walk across to the 24-hour McDonalds, enjoy a nice hot drink and work, or maybe, just enjoy a nice leisurely read. MMMmmm! I love the idea!

Now that I’m serious about moving out and living on my own, my family members have started to question the necessity of this action. The most common question is: “You’ve endured the noise from the neighbours for so many years, why can’t you endure it lately?” Well, the answer is – I could never endure the nonsense. Since I’ve moved back to stay with my family about 3 years ago, I’ve been unable to tolerate the noise. About 2 years ago, the noise in the neighbourhood was so bad, I moved out and stayed in the campus residences for half a year! (For some strange reason, there was construction works in the area and renovation works almost every single day – including weekends – for a whole year, on top of the din caused by my neighbours!) Somehow, all my complaints about the noise for the past 3 years have been ignored – forgotten! It’s a huge issue again simply because the neighbours have upgraded their sound system, and I get noise every single day from two neighbours! Ear plugs don’t work because the noise is so bad, my walls VIBRATE!!! Their ultra powerful subwoofers VIBRATE my walls!!!

How to study? How to rest? How can you even call this place, home sweet home?

My dad wants to move out too. He can’t stand the noise either. In fact, no one in this house can tolerate the noise. They all wake up early in the morning and come back late at night. The only reason why we’ve not sold this house is because my mum refuses to move out. To her, moving out is like a sign of defeat. She’s been having ridiculous tit-for-tat battles with the next-door neighbour for the past 12 years. It’s childish and I think it’s these stupid battles that have led to the escalation of the noise next door.

Let me give you a few examples of the stupid battles that take place regularly: The next door neighbour likes to kick the shoes placed outside our door. My mum gets really worked up about this. So what does she do? She takes pairs of old shoes and SUPERGLUES them onto the floor!!! The neighbour will throw her garbage to dirty our side of the rubbish chute (our two units share the same rubbish chute), and my mum will return the favour by making her own impossible-to-clean solution and spray the mix onto the neighbour’s rubbish chute door. What I hate the most is this: the neighbour will blast her music, and my mum will retaliate by blasting her radio as well.

Hello? This is not helping at all!

If you’re wondering if my family has tried all the possible solutions like calling the police, court orders, town councils, etc…, yes! 12 years my family has stayed here and they’ve tried everything. It doesn’t work! All these methods to resolve neighbourly disputes that the government publishes in the newspapers are ineffective! Every now and then, you’ll see similar cases like this appearing in the newspapers – families who have tried everything but failed to stop their inconsiderate neighbours from causing endless trouble.

Sometimes you wonder why people have to make life difficult for others.

The other day, I was chatting with my neighbours about my inconsiderate neighbours. One of them commented how her next door neighbour, who lives on the 10th floor pours CURRY out of her window!!! What the hell?! It’s not like you can’t pour curry down your drain. In Singapore, people of different ethnicities enjoy curry – the Chinese, Malays, Indians, and even Eurasians – we all cook and eat curry (some more often than others). Our sewage pipes can definitely handle curry. I don’t understand how anyone in the right mind thinks it necessary to pour curry out the window. Anyway, those living next door and everyone living below that unit, do not hang their laundry outside to dry because of this inconsiderate moron! You’d think this might be the work of some uneducated barbarian, right? Well, guess what? The culprit is a kindergarten teacher! An educated person who’s just downright inconsiderate! It’s ridiculous, but such crazy people exist and they have all chosen to congregate in my neighbourhood to terrorise everyone in this block!

Anyway, since my mum refuses to let the whole family move to a new house, FINE! I’ll move out myself! I think it’s pointless undergoing such stress. My health and my sanity are of utmost importance!

I can’t wait to liberate myself from these crazy people. I’m excited and hopeful. I know the next place I stay in won’t be perfect, but I do hope I don’t have any psycho people living near me. Wish me luck!