Life after Hospitalisation

It’s been slightly more than a week since I got discharged from the hospital but my body has not recovered completely. In fact, the doctor said that the virus and its effects will continue to linger around for the next 4 weeks or so. For the moment, the doctor said that I have the body of a 75 year old man (his words were: “your body’s condition is about 50 years older than you.”)

How’s it like to feel like a 75 year old man at the moment? Horrible!

I get exhausted sooooo easily. How bad? If I walk up a flight of stairs, I feel like I’m dying. When I get up to make a simple breakfast that involves mixing two types of cereal and milk, I feel as if all my life has been drained from me. It’s already very exhausting just walking from my home to the bus stop.

That’s how easily exhausted I can be. It’s terrible! There’s so many things I cannot do at the moment. Well, I could still do those many other things, provided there are places for me to sit and rest every few minutes. I feel like getting a walking stick. The doctor didn’t recommend it, but I think that might help. At the very least, with a walking stick, people will be a lot more understanding when they see a young man hunching forward, walking like a zombie.

Yesterday, I tried going back to school just to settle some admin matters and to see a professor for consultation, especially since I missed a few lectures while in the hospital. Gosh… I was so tired that I took a taxi to school. But after lunch, I felt soooo drained and fatigued I knew I wouldn’t be able to have a productive consultation session with the professor. So I left school. It’s quite a wasted trip, in my opinion.

Anyway, I’ve been having a lot of difficulties trying to rest. For one, I’ve got psycho and inconsiderate neighbours who make noise all day long. For the past week, the neighbour staying upstairs has been singing karaoke from 9 am in the bloody morning!!! Sometimes, his wife joins in, and they sing for hours! Oh gosh… Karaoke should be banned!

The noise has been so bad that I have to get out of the house to preserve my sanity.

My dad has been quite sympathetic to my situation and has given me the green light to move out of the house just so that I can preserve my sanity and get some rest. Unfortunately, it’s been tough trying to find an affordable place to rent. Gosh… The cost of renting a room in an HDB now is ridiculous! On average, the cost of renting a room near my university (e.g. Clementi, Dover) is about SGD$700-1000 a month! I’ve applied to stay in the residences on campus (which is about $400 a month), but I’ve received no word so far. I’ve been told that there’s no guarantee that there are rooms available at the moment.

I’ve been hoping to rest well in the night, but it’s been tough. I think I’ve been having a lot of stress and anxiety over all the overdue assignments that have been piling up since I’ve fallen ill. Unfortunately, I’ve been experiencing insomnia quite regularly. I got some over-the-counter sleeping pills from the pharmacy a few days ago. They’re pretty mild. Unfortunately, my mind has been busy worrying about work that even sleeping pills are unable to make me fall asleep. Instead, it has left me feeling really giddy as I lie in bed, wide awake. It’s a horrible experience.

The only way for me to overcome the stress is to force myself to churn out the papers that I need to write, regardless of how tired I am. Otherwise, the stress levels will continue to increase. So here I am now, sitting in the library nearest to my house, writing this as a warm up exercise in preparation for my school work. It was exhausting to make my way out of the house, but I got to do something in order to appease my stress levels. I’d love to work in school, but school’s too far a journey for me. Oh well…

I’m tired, but life goes on. Oh well.