Flat Bread Attempts

Lately, I’ve found myself interested in making bread. I love the idea of opening the oven and be greeted with the fragrant aroma of freshly baked bread. MMMmmm…

Anyway, I have absolutely no bread baking experience, so I thought I’d try making flat breads first. The recipe I found was pretty easy – you don’t even need to add yeast! Just flour (2 cups), salt (half a teaspoon), water (3/4 cup), and olive oil. Then stir and knead it. Then cut out little balls of dough and roll it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a roller, so I’ve been using a spoon to flatten the dough. It’s pretty time-consuming. I’ll definitely get a rolling pin, though the question is – when?

Once flatten, I’ll put it on my beloved griddle and voila – ready to eat flat bread!

Here’s how it looks!


I tastes pretty nice. I’ve done this twice. The first attempt was an utter failure. Firstly, I put way too much olive oil – and for some strange reason, my flat bread tasted a lot like roti prata/chanai. Unfortunately, it was almost as hard as a rock because it was really really thick!

The second attempt was a lot better. It really tasted a lot like a tortilla wrap. Too bad I didn’t have anything to eat it with. It would have been really awesome to have some humus to dip it with. That’ll be nice!

I might consider mixing garlic and other herbs into the flat bread the next time I make it.

As for making leavened bread using yeast, I’ll definitely give it a try soon. It seems rather tedious. Well, wish me luck!