Recipe for Spiced Fried Oats

I’ve been experimenting with oatmeal recipes lately because I’ve been trying to find a way to make oatmeal more delectable. I don’t really like the usual method which involves boiling oats in water/milk.

Anyway, I bought a huge bag of oats from the supermarket the other day and on the bag, it said, “Great for Stir Fries.” I don’t know what they mean by that, but it gave me an idea – why not try to stir fry (or at least fry) oats and make it into a savoury dish? I went online to find such recipes but to my surprise, there wasn’t any!

So, here’s my little contribution to the Internet! I call it: Spiced Fried Oats! (I wanted to call it stir fried oats, but the name is misleading – you don’t really stir fry it according to the stir fry method. It involves frying and stirring, but it’s not exactly stir-fry.)

It’s really delicious and I think it’s really worth a try!

Anyway, this recipe serves one person. It’s a quick and easy meal to make in the morning. And it goes really well with a nice hot cup of tea!

First, pour out one cup of oats into a bowl.



Next, add slightly more than 1 tablespoon of olive oil into the bowl.


Next, add salt. The spoon in the picture is actually quite small. I think it’s about a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. You might want to add more or less salt depending on your taste preference.


Next, add pepper (I think black pepper would be better). How much? Depends on how spicy you’d like your oatmeal to be.


And then, add a dash of cinnamon. I love my oats spicy, so I tend to add more than just a dash. You might want to experiment how much you want to add to suit your taste.


And then, add terragon – about 1 teaspoon or so.


Now comes the fun part – stir everything in the bowl! If necessary, you might need to add a little more olive oil – just enough to ensure all the oats are lightly coated in oil. You do not want them to be drenching wet. Basically, you just want a little oil so that the oats will brown nicely on the frying pan.


Alright, here’s an optional step – if you’d like, you can go ahead and mince one clove of garlic.


Now, take out your frying pan (I’m using a non-stick pan) and turn on your stove to low heat (something like the fire in the photo below).


I found that low heat works best because medium heat will result in smaller bits charring before your oats can even turn brown. The charred bits taste really bad, and it’ll be quite a nightmare just trying to remove them.

If you decided to add garlic, add about a teaspoon of olive oil into the pan, and toss in the garlic first. Do not brown the garlic. If you brown them now, they will be charred by the time the oats are ready.


Once you are able to smell the wonderful aroma of garlic, pour in the entire bowl of oats into the frying pan.

If you decided not to add the garlic, you can pour the oats into the frying pan once the pan is hot enough.

Next, keep stirring the oats. Sometimes, I’ll leave the oats to sit for a while before stirring, and then leaving it to sit for a little while. The stirring is just to ensure equal heat distribution, and to prevent the oats at the base from charring.


Keep stirring until you’re able to smell the fragrant aroma of caramelised oats. You’ll begin to notice that the oats will turn from a light almost-white beige colour to a brown colour. I don’t recommend heating it until it everything becomes golden brown (although, you may want to have some bits that are like that), because by then, you’ll have charred bits that will ruin your meal. You can stop once some (not most) of the oats have turned golden brown.

By this time, you will have a delicious bowl of spiced fried oats!


But here’s an optional further step you can take to make it taste even better!

What I like to do is to add toasted sesame seeds to the mix. Toasted sesame seeds are just wonderful – and they make this bowl taste really awesome. I don’t recommend putting the sesame seeds in with the oats because the sesame seeds will brown much faster than the oats, and it’ll probably be charred by the time the oats are ready.

So instead, I recommend toasting the sesame seeds on the frying pan after you’re done cooking the oats.

I really love sesame seeds, so I would normally put one tablespoon of white sesame seeds, and one tablespoon of black sesame seeds. Pour it all into the frying pan on low heat (high heat will result in a popcorn like effect – and you’ll get sesame seeds popping out of your frying pan).  Shake the frying pan to stir the sesame seeds around. You can stop once the white sesame seeds have turned brown (like in the photo below).


Then pour the seeds into the bowl of oats, stir the contents to mix it all up, and voila! You’ve got an awesome bowl of spiced fried oats ready to be eaten!


It goes really great with tea, so do have a nice hot cup of tea with you! Personally, I think this makes for a great breakfast, but you can eat it as a snack too!