Yesterday, I just learnt that the word, “homely,” means more than just the feeling of being at home, a kind of cosiness or something.

Well, as it turns out, homely means: UGLY!

Since when? I’m surprised!

Well, if you call someone homely, it means that that person is so ugly he/she should dwell no where else but at home only (therefore, homely!).

I’ll never describe anything as homely ever again – well, only if its so ugly that it deserves to be quarantined at home, never to be unleashed on the general public unless wrapped in a brown paper bag.

Then again, it’s very disturbing how the same word is used to describe ugliness and the feeling-of-being-at-home-ness. Whoever came up with the word to describe these two things probably lived in a really really ugly home.

I think I’ll use the word “cosy” from now on.