Portable 3G/3.5G Wifi Router!

Let me show you my new toy!

2012-08-31-12-05-53It’s the TP-Link Portable Battery Powered 3G/3.75G Wireless N Router (TL-MR3040)!!!

I came across it by chance the other day – and it’s exactly what I’ve been hoping to get for so many months!

If you’ve seen me on the train, you’ll notice that I’ll be busy typing away furiously with one hand while the other hand holds up my MacBook Air. Travelling is the best time to work, and I’ve trained myself to work on the bus and the train, sitting or standing. One of the best things I’ve ever got was a mobile broadband connection. This allows me to connect to the Internet no matter where I am in Singapore. But using this on public transportation is quite a hassle!

On a crowded bus or train, having an additional USB stick sticking out of my laptop can be quite an annoyance – both to myself and to other passengers. Plus, there’s always this fear that some inconsiderate person will just cut through violently in a crowded train (there are people who do that – it’s annoying) thereby unintentionally breaking my USB stick (or yanking it out).

The mobile broadband modem that I have has a really annoying inconvenience as well! When you’re connected to the Internet, you cannot simply close your laptop (putting it to standby mode) when you wish to alight the bus/train. No… Doing so will make it such that you cannot connect to the Internet again. You’ll need to disconnect and then unplug the modem before you close your laptop. It’s a huge pain especially when I’m changing lines on the train: Disconnect. Unplug. Change to the next train. Plug in. Connect. You waste several minutes just doing this.

The iPhone can function as a personal hotspot, but it’s not really reliable (especially when you’re connecting to it via wifi). There’s always connection woes! It takes a very long time to find and connect to the iPhone (it takes longer in a bus/train – I don’t know why) and, if you’ve not been using the Internet for a while, the iPhone disconnects you! And you’ll have to take out your phone and reset the connection before you’re able to connect again. It’s really a huge pain – exacerbated by the fact that I’m travelling (i.e. standing and typing with one hand).

I’ve always wanted a battery-powered wifi router that will allow me to connect my mobile broadband modem to. And this is it!

And boy does it work like a charm! The battery lasts for 4-5 hours! Perfect especially when you need to work on the go!

So how does it work? You’ll first need a USB mobile broadband modem and the TP-Link portable wifi router.

2012-08-31-12-06-16Next, plug the modem into the router and switch the router on and voila!

2012-08-31-12-07-31Portable wifi connection! This nifty little device is slightly smaller than an iPhone and it is so portable (and has an almost-negligible weight), I usually switch this on and leave it in my bag, thereby giving me, a keyboard warrior, the freedom to work or play on computer wherever I am!

As it turns out, this has been tremendously useful in more ways than one. As a wifi router I’m able to share my Internet connection with other people especially when work needs to be done, and everyone can’t get Internet. It has a transfer rate of 150mbps and it’s so powerful, its range extends to 10 metres (and possibly even further!). It’s a life saver!