Monocle Madness!

Heehee… The Girlfriend got me a monocle when she was away in the US. Ok, she didn’t get it on her own. I pestered her to help me get one while she was there. It’s just a few dollars, so I thought: Why not? It’ll be fun to get one just to amuse myself and everyone else. =P

Here’s me reading Chinese philosophy… like a Sir!

2012-08-31-12-12-33I think it’ll be pretty funny to wear a monocle while wearing t-shirt and jeans. It’ll give a lot of people a terrible case of cognitive dissonance. Why bother with steampunk when you can go all post-modern on everyone?

Anyway, the other day, The Girlfriend and I went to Mr. Bean (a shop that sells soya bean drinks and dessert). In one of their branches, they’ve got their Mr. Bean mascot seating on a bench. We decided to promote him to Sir Bean!


Sir Bean squashes his foes and he drinks the juice of his enemies – with delight!