Packed Lunch for Two!

Yesterday, I tried cooking and packing lunch for The Girlfriend and me.

So… What did I cook? This!


It’s brown rice, with chicken stir fried in satay sauce, and xiao baicai and fried tofu in black bean sauce. The chicken’s occupying two containers (in case you’re wondering).

Total cost of this meal? Chicken $2.50 + Xiao Baicai (half a bag) $0.35 + Tofu $0.90 = SGD$3.75!!! (Rice is negligible since I bought a big bag for a few dollars). That averages to about $1.90 per person! Super value for money!

And the best part? Lunch was soooooooo satisfying! YUM!

It’s such a joy to cook and share delicious food with the one you love!