In sickness and in health…

The Girlfriend fell sick yesterday. She had a really bad case of diarrhea, possibly due to food poisoning.

What’s really amazing about her was that even though she was really sick, she made it a point to accompany me yesterday for my prize presentation ceremony (I won two awards!). I was very touched! I would rather have her stay at home and rest, but she insisted on coming. Thankfully, she survived the ceremony two-hour long ceremony. Phew!

Anyway, because The Girlfriend was sick I cancelled my plans for the rest of the day so that I could look after her. Well, there really isn’t much to do. Apart from just reminding her to eat her medicines, the biggest contribution probably involved me buying groceries and cooking dinner for her. Since her stomach wasn’t so well, I cooked a very simple yet delicious comfort food – porridge with stir-fried mince pork with a little drizzle of sesame oil, tofu with soy sauce, and xiao baicai in oyster sauce!


It looks plain, but it was simply delicious! We both enjoyed it very very much.

I think I’m really blessed to have such a wonderful girlfriend who’s so committed and supportive in everything that I do – that no matter how sick she is, she’s so willing to just be there for me. Even when I was hospitalised for a week some months back, she was there by my side every single day, from morning and evening, just to look after me.

Somehow, just looking after her yesterday reminded me of a few elderly couples who have been married for decades. They are still so loving towards each other. But what really amazes and inspires me a lot is the fact that with whatever disabilities that they may have, they have been able to patiently care for each other, nursing them in their sickness, or even just always being there to aid them in their disabilities. It’s not easy looking after someone who’s ill. For a day or two, it’s still not so bad. But when an illness lasts over a long time, it really limits what the other person can do with his life. And yet, even though he or she may not be free to do whatever he or she wants to do, the fact that he or she still chooses, nonetheless, to sacrifice his/her time to look after and tend to his/her beloved spouse – that’s pretty amazing.

That’s what love really is – still being there for the other despite whatever difficulties there may be, in sickness or in health.

That’s the kind of love that The Girlfriend and I hope to share with each other, and hopefully perhaps, till we are one of those elderly couples who are still madly in love. =)