Packed Lunch in a Muji Box!

Not too long ago, I wrote about the lunch box that I saw at Muji (see Muji Lunch Box). Well, I decided to buy one for The Girlfriend so that I can cook and pack lunch for her. It turns out that Muji has 2 sizes. The $19 one is the small one that I talked about in my previous article. I bought the $23 one, which is somewhat bigger than the $19 one.

It’ll be so cool. I can’t wait to make heart-shape food items. I think that’ll be the sweetest and cutest lunch ever!

Anyway, before cooking and packing for her, I decided to cook and pack lunch at least once for myself to see just how much food I can pack into it.

Here’s how it looks!


Lunch wasn’t so exciting. It’s just brown rice (with sesame seeds) and popcorn chicken. I ran out of food in the fridge. So that’s all I could prepare.

Oh well, I’ll just have to make a trip down to the supermarket and restock my supplies!

Stay tuned for sweet lunches that I’ll be making for The Girlfriend!