Hello Kitty Merchandise!

Yesterday, I walked into Watson’s with The Girlfriend and her mum. I was quite amused by what’s on sale!

They have… Hello Kitty merchandise! An entire display stand FULL of Hello Kitty personal hygiene and care products! I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty, but I was just so amused! The products are all super cute!

So, what’s on sale? Let me show you two things that really caught my attention.

This is a tin box with Hello Kitty plasters!


The Girlfriend wasn’t impressed. She said: “I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty, you know!”

To which I replied, “Think of our future daughter! If she has a cut, we can put this cute little plaster on her! Cute right?” (See picture below)


The Girlfriend melted instantly. She just went, “Awwwwww…” I think she became a Hello Kitty fan from that moment on.


Anyway, the other cute product was this – Hello Kitty facial mask!


The instructions at the back are so cute!

2012-08-19-21-02-11Panel 1: Hello Kitty has a pimple.

Panel 2: Hello Kitty panics!

Panel 3: Hello Kitty applies a facial mask.

Panel 4: Hello Kitty looks sparkly thanks to the mask!

I went to disturb The Girlfriend, saying, “Eh! You use facial mask, right?”



Anyway, cute right?

They even have Hello Kitty ice pack, electric toothbrush, hand sanitiser, lip gloss (Hello Kitty has no mouth!!!), and more! If you’re a huge fan, you know what to do. =)