I want to move out!!!

Gosh… I hate Saturday mornings. After a hectic week, the one thing I really want is to wake up late to a slow, quiet morning. But no – that’s not going to happen. It will never ever happen. Why? Because of inconsiderate neighbours! That’s why!

Well, it’s nothing new. I’ve been enduring their nonsense for years (I’ve been staying in the same place for the past decade). It’s just… Gosh… I would really love to wake up one Saturday (or Sunday) morning peacefully.

You see, I live in an HDB flat, and living just right next to me is this really crazy lady who seems to be at war with everyone living beside, above, and below her. I’m guessing annoying the hell out of everyone is her favourite hobby. She’ll throw things out of her window, or hang wet/dirty things outside her windows to dirty the laundry of the family staying directly below her. She’ll even use bamboo poles to pound her ceiling to irritate the neighbour above her. These are the stories that those victims of the crazy neighbour have shared. And there’s really nothing they can do about it. She’s just so damn persistent. As for us, the crazy neighbour doesn’t just make lots of noise with her bad singing and radio-blasting activity. She’ll even use a bamboo pole to bang on our home’s rubbish chute (the building’s designed such that our two units share the same rubbish chute). My mum heard the banging sounds once, opened it up and saw a bamboo pole thrusting forward! And that’s not all, she’ll find a way to dirty our rubbish chute, and make our kitchen smelly by tossing her rubbish in a way that it land on ours. I have no idea how she does that. But yeah… She’s an expert at annoying everyone around her.

What I will tell you seems exaggerated, but I assure you – it’s not! Reality can sometimes be stranger than fiction!

Well, my parents have this decade-long feud with this crazy lady. I’m pretty sure if my parents hadn’t done anything in retaliation for the past decade, the ridiculousness of the whole situation wouldn’t have escalated to such extreme levels. So anyway, the crazy lady will wait for one us to be awake before she begins making lots of noise. And even if you woke up at 4.30am, like what I did the other day to welcome The Girlfriend back at the airport, the crazy lady will wake up anyway and begin her nonsense routine. What does she do?

Well, every time she knows someone’s in my home, she’ll always cough very very loudly. It’s not the kind of coughing sound you make if you really had a cough; it’s the kind of “ahem” cough you make if you want to get people’s attention. And she does it so loudly – whether it’s 8am, 8pm, or even 4-bloody-AM!

And if that’s not all, she’ll purposely come out of her house to scrub the corridor just outside mine with dirty water. She scrubs with soooo much force that it creates a LOT of noise. It’s so loud that you can hear the scrubbing even if you were on the ground floor (I stay on the 5th floor)!!! She’s been doing this for the past decade so faithfully that the corridor floor has turned GREEN!

These things have been going on for a decade that I’ve kinda gotten used to it. I can simply head to my room, close the door, and I won’t be disturbed by her. But that’s not the end of her nonsense. What really drives me insane is that she’ll blast her radio VERY VERY LOUDLY!

There was a period in time where she even had a subwoofer. Every day, when she knows someone’s at home, she’ll blast Chinese opera music at MAXIMUM VOLUME, with her enormous subwoofer at FULL BLAST!!! It was sooooooo bad, my walls vibrated!!! (This is why I rarely spend time at home – how can you work or concentrate on your work if your walls are vibrating every day?!) I think her subwoofer broke down as my walls have not been vibrating the past 2 or 3 months. But, she still blasts her radio at full blast anyway even till today.

That’s bad enough. What makes it worse is the fact that my parents aren’t very considerate to the rest of the neighbourhood either. As a kind of tit-for-tat retaliation, my mum would blast her radio loudly too. It sucks for me because the noise from her radio does in fact bother me a lot more than the noise from the neighbour (unless she uses her wall-vibrating subwoofers again). So, every Saturday and Sunday, when my mum isn’t out working, the crazy neighbour knows this and she’ll blast her radio, singing awfully and loudly, and my mum will in turn blast her radio loudly too. -____-”

It’s a warzone!

What makes me hate being at home over the weekends is this – you just can’t enjoy waking up late. Why? Because the calm quietness of a weekend morning is usually destroyed by about 7 or 8am when my parents engage in a verbal shouting match with the neighbour – usually after their patience runs dry with her hour-long corridor scrubbing (it’s just the portion outside our home!) accompanied with her coughing and bad singing.

Imagine this: At about 7am on a nice Saturday morning, I am rudely awaken by the sounds of very loud angry shouting. And once the shouting is all done, the air is just filled with the sound of radios blasting loudly. This goes on for several hours until one party finally decides to go out.

But that’s not all! Once all that noise dies down, more noise ensues! Some guy staying above my home decides that it’s the perfect time to broadcast his karaoke session to the entire block!!! He has a lot of stamina because his solo karaoke sessions lasts for as long as 2 to 3 hours! Worse still, his singing sucks! It sounds more like moaning than singing. And he’ll set his volume so loud that his bad singing somehow finds its way into my room – even with the doors and windows closed!!!

Oh gosh… I hate staying in this place. There’s so much noise and so little peace. Even though the environment is nice and peaceful, it’s only because the neighbours staying adjacent to my home are so damn inconsiderate (and my parents too), that there rarely is any peace and quiet here in this home. The only time I get to enjoy peace and quiet is from 12am onwards, where everyone’s asleep. The stupid feud has escalated to epic proportions, and the annoying thing is that all the possible means of resolution have proven ineffective. I WANT TO MOVE OUT OF THIS PLACE!!! My dad wants for us to move out too, but my mum doesn’t. As the one person who has been fighting with the crazy neighbour for the past decade (even my dad has gotten so fed up he spends very little time at home), I think she sees moving out as a sign of defeat – something she’s not willing to admit to.

The moment I find a way to secure a decent income high enough to pay rent, I’m so gonna shift out. It’s getting from bad to worse.

Neighbours can really shape one’s whole living experience. I really hope that when I finally get my own home, I won’t be surrounded by such obnoxious neighbours.