Today’s Super Epic Packed Lunch!

My packed lunches are getting better!

The other day, I was complaining to my friend about how bored I’ve been eating meat and vegetables seasoned in the same way (with sesame oil and soy sauce). He recommended that I get Lee Kum Kee sauce. According to him, it’s like a household staple in Hong Kong (he’s from Hong Kong). My friend recommended that I get their oyster sauce, but that being said, Lee Kum Kee has several other sauces as well. To my pleasant surprise, unlike other brands of sauces, several of the Lee Kum Kee sauces do not have monosodium glutamate (MSG)! I bought 3 different sauces so that I could have some variety when cooking my meats and vegetables.

Anyway, today, I made steamed black pepper chicken (using the Lee Kum Kee black pepper sauce), kai lan and shimeji mushrooms in oyster sauce, and brown rice with toasted sesame seeds!



Today’s the first time I toasted sesame seeds on a frying pan. It was quite fun, and a lot easier and faster than I imagined! Just put the sesame seeds on the pan, set the fire to medium, and just shake the pan every now and then. After a while, the seeds will turn brown. And you don’t even need to put oil! The best part is, when the seeds turn brown, you get a wonderful fragrant aroma! MMMMMmmmm!

The sesame seeds and the black pepper sauce for the chicken really made today’s meal very very enjoyable! I loved it! It was such a joy to eat my lunch today!

I made extra black pepper chicken, which I can use for tomorrow. I’ll probably cook the exact same thing since I’ll have to rush out of the house early. Maybe I’ll add some black sesame seeds into the rice as well. Oh yeah… That’ll be really awesome! YUM!