Today’s Packed Dinner

Well, as it turns out, I didn’t get food poisoning from accidentally eating raw meat yesterday. Phew! However, my right knee still hurts from walking into a bench. Ouch. I guess I’ll need a couple of days for it to recover.

Anyway, here’s my packed dinner for today!


As you can see, my brown rice is very brown this time! I changed to a different brand. Decided to give the Fairprice housebrand brown rice a try. It turns out to be really good!

Oh… I found – by chance – a nice way to prepare brown rice. In the past weeks, I’ve been having the problem of water bubbling so violently that it spews rice water all over the place, making a mess. One tip I found was to add a little bit of oil. Somehow, the oil helps to break up the bubbles. So what I did was to put a little drizzle of sesame oil just before cooking the rice. As it turns out, there was no bubbles at all! The best part was that when the rice was cooked, the cooker switched to “Keep Warm” mode. But because of the oil, the rice at the bottom started to sizzle. In the end, I got a yummy layer of crust at the bottom that’s pretty similar to the kind of crust you get from claypot rice!


That crust has to be eaten freshly cooked, though. If you pack it, the moisture will remove it’s crustiness.

Anyway, what’s for tonight’s dinner? Well, I’ve got brown rice, xiao bai cai and mushrooms, and seafood beancurd roll. I realised it’s better for me to cook the xiao bai cai and mushrooms by boiling them rather than by steaming. I don’t know why, but personally, I think my vegetables taste a lot better when I boil them. Anyway, I don’t know what kind of mushrooms this is, I bought them because I tasted it some time ago when eating with The Girlfriend at some Japanese buffet place. The packaging didn’t say what type of mushrooms they are either. Anyway, for convenience, I added Woh Hup mushroom sauce and mixed it a little (I got really bored eating vegetables in sesame oil and soy sauce). And voila! A yummy dish of vegetables.

As for the seafood beancurd roll, it’s frozen food. I forgot to take out the meat earlier to thaw. That means I couldn’t properly prepare and season the meat for cooking. It’s a lot easier to cook frozen food by steaming it for a couple of minutes. It not only thaws, but cooks real fast in a short time. I didn’t really enjoy the seafood beancurd roll. It was very salty. Oh well, I’ll make sure I thaw the meat early tomorrow for lunch.

And that’s my packed dinner!