Oh, woe is me!

Today has been a really bad day for me. Well, the first half of the day went pretty well. It was the second half that went quite badly.

There’s a saying that misfortune comes as a group. It’s rarely the case that one suffers only one bad thing in a day. It’s usually the case that one suffers a series of mishaps in a single day. Reality is often stranger than fiction, and I can attest to that – not just today, but other days in the past.

So what happened?

Well, you know those knee-high benches at the train station for people to sit and wait for the train? Well on my way home, I wasn’t looking and walked directly into one! Yes, that’s right – I banged my right knee into the stupid bench that’s so low you just can’t see if if you weren’t careful. OUCH! It was quite bad. In fact, it’s still kinda sore from just now. I think a bruise might appear tomorrow.

But wait – there’s more! D:

I was so preoccupied thinking about the things I had to do later that I wasn’t paying attention to my cooking. (Lesson learnt – focus when you’re cooking!) In the end, I found myself eating RAW MEAT!!! GAARRGGGHHHH!!! Worse still, for some strange reason, there was something very crunchy in the meat. I don’t want to know what that was. Immediately, I ran to the toilet and forced myself to puke out what I ate, threw away my dinner, and laid on my bed for a while to rest. It was a really exhausting affair.

There’s a good chance I might have food poisoning and end up camping in the toilet tomorrow either puking or crapping my guts out from this. Bleah… Anyway… I didn’t want to prepare any more food. After resting for a while, I went out to McDonalds (just a few minutes walk from my home) and indulged in a Big Mac meal. Heck… If I’m going to suffer food poisoning tomorrow, I might as well indulge in something satisfying.

Oh well… Let’s see what happens tomorrow. In the mean time, I’ll just continue living life as per normal.