Muji Lunch Box

The other day, I popped by Muji to check out what’s new.

One thing that caught my eye was this really sleek lunch box!

2012-07-28-18-01-46It’s nice and compact!

And not only does it come with a pair of chopsticks, it even comes with a spork (a hybrid between a spoon and a fork)!

2012-07-28-18-02-04The chopsticks and spork sits nicely on a silicon lid that prevents liquids from spilling out of the container, and it’ll help to keep your food warm for a short time.

2012-07-28-18-02-23If you open up the lid, you’ll find a dividing container that fits nicely in the container. Depending on how much rice you consume, you can put rice in one container, and the other ingredients in the other.

2012-07-28-18-03-53The best part about it is that it costs only SGD$19! That’s really affordable considering that it’s a Muji product. If you look closely at the photo above, you’d notice that it even comes with a nice black elastic band to ensure that your lunch box remains closed.

This really really cool lunch box is a bit too small for me though. I’ll probably go hungry after an hour or so. But I think it’ll be great for people who aren’t big eaters. I’ll probably pop by again to buy this for The Girlfriend. That way, I can cook delicious yummy meals for her.