Today’s Packed Lunch

Today’s the second time I’ve tried cooking nothing but fresh ingredients. No frozen food at all.

Here’s how it looks:


Unfortunately, I don’t have a better photo. I didn’t realise that it was blur.

Anyway, today’s lunch consisted of tsuki fish (you can buy a big bag of frozen tsuki fish for about $5-6. It tastes and feels a lot like dory, in my opinion) marinated in butter, tarragon leaves, spring onions, and rosemary. To give additional flavour to the fish, I steamed it together with two whole carrots, one onion, and one clove of garlic (I would have added more, but I ran out of garlic). Wow… The fish was really sweet! It was awesome!

It was quite filling though. I guess I cooked far too much carrots and onions. I had some leftovers which I used to to make an omelette later at home for dinner.

Surprisingly, the total time taken to prepare, cook, pack, and wash was just FIFTY minutes! Not bad! I guess fish is easier to prepare then chicken. I don’t know. Well, now that I have two weeks of holidays, I’ll definitely experiment and try all sorts of one-person dishes that’s easy to cook, and more importantly, easy to prepare and clean too!