Today’s Packed Dinner

Today was a packed dinner rather than a packed lunch as I was at home during lunch time. I simply prepared more of what I was eating for lunch. That means I ate the exact same thing for lunch and dinner. Well, I’m fine with that. It saves me a lot of trouble.

Anyway, so here’s what I have for dinner:


Once again, it’s brown rice (with some sesame oil). I’ve also got some lettuce. Nothing special so far. What’s new is the container in the bottom right hand corner of the photo. It’s prawn balls and Thai fish cake. I didn’t make them myself. Rather, I bought a few bags of frozen food as emergency supplies when I do not have the time to cook.

To date, I haven’t tried cooking any meat dish. But alas, I will begin preparing freshly cooked meals from tomorrow onwards! I just bought a bag full of groceries (both meat and vegetables). It costs me SGD$12.60, and that should last me for a whole week of packed lunches. I don’t have the time to cook a meat dish tomorrow, so I’ll still have to rely on frozen foods. But, I will try cooking vegetables. I’ve bought xiao bai cai, carrots, and oyster mushrooms. I was quite surprised by the cost of vegetables. I rarely pay attention to their prices. But since I’m on a mission to save money through packed lunches, I’ve paid more attention to them, and gosh! They’re cheap! I felt so tempted to buy a whole basket full of vegetables. But it’d be rather pointless since they’re perishable.

Oh well… Anyway, I intend to steam the xiao bai cai, carrots, and oyster mushrooms with lots and lots of garlic! I can’t wait to try it tomorrow! The very thought of it makes my mouth water! YUM!