Funny Museum Labels

The other day, I was visiting the Fuk Tak Chi (福德祠) museum, which used to be a Chinese temple. The museum is meant to preserve Chinese culture and heritage, and to tell us a little about the things the Chinese in Singapore had back in the late 1800s to early 1900s. There were old passports, traditional charcoal-heated irons, and more!

Two items in particular caught my attention.

The first was labelled “Fujica 6 Camera.”

2012-06-28-11-02-27Gosh! I never knew the Chinese had such amazing technology! I never knew we had cameras that looked like a candlestand! WOW!

The other interesting thing was this – it was labelled, “A Candlestand”

2012-06-28-11-02-45Gee… I didn’t know the early Chinese had such elaborate, modern-looking candlestands that looked like cameras! That’s amazing!

Really… Who would have guessed that the early Chinese had such amazing technology? WOW! (For those unable to detect that I was joking, please slap yourself really really hard. Oh yes! Please do! And send me a photo too! =D )

Anyway, I don’t know who switched the labels. These things are kept in a glass display, so no one could have done the switch. It’s probably the curator. It was quite a nice hilarious surprise, considering how everything was quite serious.

Moral of the story? Always keep an eye out on the labels when you’re at a museum! You won’t know what funny results you’ll get!