Today’s Packed Lunch!

It’s Day 5 of my packed lunch adventure. It’s quite cool that my friends are just as excited about this as I am.

Here it is:

2012-07-19-13-10-13If you noticed, the rice is different! I made a switch to brown rice, since it’s supposedly healthier. I like the texture of brown rice. But to be honest, I don’t really like how it smells when it’s being cooked. It’s not as fragrant as white rice. I also added a drizzle (just a little) of soya sauce and sesame oil to make the rice have more flavour.

In the other containers, I have mixed peas with a little butter, beef balls and a hard-boiled egg.

I cooked the rice yesterday. So today, it simply involved me steaming the rice for a few minutes. In fact, everything in the photo was steamed in the same pot! Total time taken to prepare, cook, pack, and wash: 30 minutes! Furthermore, it took me just 15 minutes to steam everything (while taking a shower).

I’ll probably cook a huge container full of brown rice, so that it’ll be so much easier for me when I cook every morning. That way, I’ll only need to cook rice about once every 3-4 days. It’s definitely a huge time saver!