Couple Pillowcases!

Heehee… This is really sweet!

The Girlfriend is currently in the US for a short while. A couple of weeks ago, she sent me a little gift as a way to celebrate our mensiversary (month anniversary). I sent her a gift too. Unfortunately, my package never got delivered. (Some moron returned the package back to sender) Urgh…

Anyway, I had a really pleasant surprise when her package finally came! As it turns out, it’s a pillowcase. But not just any pillowcase, it’s a couple pillowcase!

The first picture is my pillow. The second one, with the cute stuffed toys, belongs to The Girlfriend.



In the future, when we’re married, these pillowcases shall meet again!

I think the design is really sweet, and there’s a lot of symbolism as well. She’s away for two months on the other side of the globe. Yet, no matter how far she may be, we’re still connected through love.