Use your iPad as a second monitor!

Oh wow! This is really really cool!

I just found an app that will allow me to use my iPad as a second monitor!!! Check it out!


It’s amazing just how versatile the iPad can be! I use it to read my school readings (save paper!), books, and even manga! I have a keyboard, and that allows me to use it as a type-writer if I want distraction free typing. And now, I can use the iPad as a second monitor. What’s the point? Well, you can open two windows on two separate monitors without having to constantly switch windows! How cool is that? It’s very very useful when you constantly need to reference something on one screen while working on the other!

Oh man… This is simply amazing! It’s a huge boost to productivity, especially since I often have to switch between windows to do work, be it essay writing, data entry, web/graphics design, programming, etc. I’m so glad I can have the option of a second monitor whenever I need one, without having to buy a second monitor!

Also, if you look carefully, there are no cables! You can connect your computer/laptop to the iPad via wifi, either through your wifi network, or via a direct wifi connection between your iPad and your computer/laptop.

The app I’m using is known as “Air Display.” You can get this through iTunes. Check it out! =D