Today’s Packed Lunch!

Today’s Day 2 of my packed lunch adventure.

I didn’t make anything fancy. I was in a hurry. So, I cooked rice, and of course, added a little drizzle of sesame oil (MMMmmm… It’s sooo good!); washed some lettuce and mixed it with oriental seasoning, i.e. sesame oil and soya sauce (I learnt this from KFC when they were, for a short while, selling salads in oriental dressing); and used a pan to heat up some popcorn chicken (those pre-made frozen ones that only require heating). The total time taken to cook, pack, and wash up, was about 40-50 minutes.

Here’s how it looked:

2012-07-16-12-43-19The background is a little unsightly. I couldn’t help it though. The table was dirty. I had a paper towel with me as I used it to wrap one of the containers, and I used it as a little mat so that the grime on the table wouldn’t dirty my precious tupperware.

Anyway, once again, this was a really satisfying meal! Gosh… A nice hot bowl of rice with a tinge of sesame oil is all you need to make the meal really epic. I think I’ll do this for every meal. Oh yeah! That’ll be awesome!

I’ll probably prepare the same thing tomorrow as I’ll have to leave the house rather early. I’ve cooked extra rice today so that I can heat it up tomorrow. This will save me quite a bit of time.

I’m toying with the idea of cooking everything for the week, and then just heating a portion of it up every morning. I don’t mind eating the same thing everyday. I’m more concerned about how long certain foods can last once they’re cooked. Plus, I don’t have a microwave, so that will definitely make this project much harder. (Perhaps I’ll invest in one)

Another idea I had was to buy a whole chicken from the supermarket’s deli corner (especially the ones at Cold Storage). For about $6-7, you can get a big piece of chicken – nicely marinated and cooked in the seasoning of your choice – that can last you for about 3-4 days (for one person). That’ll be quite a time saver. In fact, it can open up a lot of possibilities as you can make different chicken dishes as well. That’ll be nice!

Well, till then, stay tuned for the next packed lunch update!