The Joys of a Packed Lunch!

Here’s a photo of the things that I always carry with me:

2012-07-15-13-44-09Looking at this photo, you can probably guess what’s my favourite colour. =P

Black bag, black thermos flask, black memopad, black laptop (Macbook Air with a black casing), black pen, black wallet, black handphone (I’m using it to take the photo, so it’s not in the picture). Now, let me introduce you to this new item that I just got!

The other day, I was ranting (see this post) about my indecisions with food. A friend of mine suggested that I cook and pack my own food. I thought that’s a great idea! Not only do I get to solve my indecisions, but I also get to save money! The prices of food have risen quite steeply in recent times. I find it quite ridiculous that food which was once cheaper than McDonalds are now more expensive than what you can get at McDonalds! In fact, both Burger King and McDonalds are offering really affordable meals – complete with a side-dish and a drink! (Burger King even offers you ice cream!) What you pay at McDonalds and Burger King will only allow you to buy a plate of food. And there’s also a chance that you may not be able to buy a drink, depending on which food court/hawker centre you’re eating at). So, if you cook your own food, you can save a lot of money!

What’s more, this will give me a chance to experiment with new recipes, and to improve my cooking skills! Hurray!

So yesterday, I went to Meidi-ya (the Japanese supermarket at Liang Court, around Clarke Quay) with the hope of finding a bento box or at least a container that I could use to bring my food around (and maybe, to keep it warm). I didn’t find a decent bento box. Instead, I got this:

2012-07-15-13-15-54This is pretty amazing! This is no ordinary bag! This bag contains the very materials used to keep food nice and warm. Not only that, it comes with food containers and a pair of chopsticks (in a really cool black box)!

2012-07-15-13-17-01Best of all, they’re all black and grey! Wonderful!

It’s also really really compact! (Look at the first photo to see how small it is!) I was initially afraid of buying this for fear that I won’t be able to keep a decent amount of food inside. But I realised that these containers are actually big enough to pack a decent meal! There are three containers: one specifically for rice (or noodles), and the other two containers for whatever delicious stuff that I’d like to eat for the day.

Today, I’d thought it’ll be a good idea to try this out. So I cooked a simple meal and packed it. After going out to do some things, I went to a food court, bought a cup of tea, found a place to sit, and took out my lunch!

2012-07-15-13-19-49Can you see that? I’ve got salad (lettuce, raw onions, and a tomato), an egg omelette with onions, and rice topped with a drizzle of sesame oil. Oooooo… Rice and a small drizzle of sesame oil… MMMmmmm… Sooooo good! It’s one of life’s simple pleasures. (You’ve got to try it if you’ve never done it before – it’s divine!)

I cooked and packed my lunch at 10am, and ate at 2pm. Though my lunch was in the bag for four hours, the food was still nice and warm. Oh man… It was one of the most satisfying meals ever!

Heehee… I’m so excited about using this everyday for the rest of my life. I’ll be exploring various dishes every day, and maybe I’ll blog about simple one-dish meals that one could easily prepare in a short time-span. If I have more time, maybe I’ll try doing one of those bento art too! Stay tuned for more packed lunch updates! =D