Breakfast Delight!

Sometime back in May, The Girlfriend came by to my house early in the morning. She had woken up really really early in the morning to give her mother a lift to the airport. The first thing she did was to take a nap because she was just sooooo sleepy.

We were originally supposed to cook and eat breakfast together. But since she was asleep, I took my time to prepare a sweet surprise for her.

Haha… A few weeks before, just to tease The Girlfriend, and get her excited, I purchased a heart-shaped cookie-cutter right in front of her, and said, “Stay tuned! A surprise awaits you… EVENTUALLY!” That day was the day I finally used it!

What I did first was to cut up slices of bread into little hearts. (If you’re wondering, it’s walnut bread)



Next, I buttered them and lined them up onto the mini toaster oven tray.


While toasting the bread hearts, I grilled a tomato, and then went on to make scrambled eggs.

And lastly, I carefully placed the various things onto a plate, and sprinkled some freshly crushed black pepper onto the tomato and eggs. And… voila! Breakfast is served!


With that, I woke up The Girlfriend, and gave her a nice morning breakfast surprise!

This has been one of the best breakfast moments that I will never forget.