The Journey of Realisation

One of my friends, a senior whom I greatly look up to, has a huge fascination for the Wizard of Oz. At first, I found it to be a really odd thing to be fascinated about. But when he told me about his reflections on the story, I was impressed! In fact, I’ve never forgotten what he said.

For those who are not familiar with the Wizard of Oz, here’s a quick summary. A tornado comes by and sweeps Dorothy (and her dog) into the land of Oz. She’s given a pair of magical red shoes, and is sent on a quest to find the Wizard who will be able to send her back home. Along the way, she encounters the tin-man, the lion, and the scarecrow, all of whom feel that they are lacking something significant in their lives. The tin-man feels that he lacks a heart, the lion feels that he lacks courage, while the scarecrow feels that he lacks intelligence. And off they go on their adventure to find the wizard. But it’s only at the end of the whole journey did they all realise that they have everything they need. Not only did the tin-man, lion, and scarecrow have the heart, courage, and intelligence (respectively) right from the beginning, but that Dorothy herself also possessed the means of returning home through the magical red shoes.

So what’s the whole point of the story? Well, the point is, just like Dorothy and the rest of her gang, we all have the stuff that we feel most lacking in our lives. We probably haven’t noticed it. But that’s what the journey of life is for – it’s for us to slowly come to the realisation that we have it all along!

We look up to really awesome people in our lives and wish that we could be just as awesome as they are. Well, the good news is that we all possess awesomeness! We’re awesome already! There’s no need to envy others. Nonetheless, we need to travel through the journey of life to help us realise the awesomeness within us; we need the journey of life to realise that we have all the awesome-making qualities that we could ever want.

Sometimes, all it takes is just a little difficulty or adventure in our lives to finally realise that we are do possess little gems of wisdom, bravery, and compassion – that we’re not that bad as human beings. And though we may feel terribly lonely, though we may feel that no one seems to understand us, we’ll soon come to realise that the truth is – we’re never alone. “There’s no place like home.” That no matter how awkward we may feel, there’s always a place where we belong and where we call home.

Of course, it can be hard to believe that we’re awesome in our very own way. That’s why we need the journey of life, to walk along the yellow brick road, and to endure all kinds of obstacles, to eventually realise just how wonderful our lives can be.