Delicious Milk!

Here’s a short post since I don’t have much time to write a lot.

By chance, I came across the most delicious milk EVER!

The other day, The Girlfriend wanted to cook lunch. But there was no more milk. So down I went to the convenience shop just below. There weren’t many varieties available. All they had were low fat milk, which, in my opinion, tastes really bad. The only brand that wasn’t low fat was this:


Meiji fresh milk!

Not knowing how it tastes, I opened up the bottle, poured a little into a cup, took a sip, and- WOW!!! THAT’S THE MOST DELICIOUS MILK I’VE EVER DRANK IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!

The Girlfriend was quite surprised by my super-positive reaction. So I passed the cup to her. She took a sip too, and- WOW! She too was moved by the awesome delicious-ness of the milk!

It tastes really great! If you haven’t tasted it before, give it a try. You’d be wow-ed by just how delicious a cup of milk can be. It’s amazing!

Anyway, I don’t recommend getting the low fat milk. In my opinion, Meiji’s low fat milk doesn’t have the same delicious-ness.

What are you waiting for? Quick! Go buy a bottle of this awesome milk now! It’ll make your hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cereal, or anything-with-milk-in-it, taste really wonderful!

(FYI: I’m not receiving any commission from Meiji)