Books, books, and more books!

How should one spend a beautiful Saturday?

By reading – of course! Stacks and stacks of books!

img_3925I’m being very optimistic. I probably won’t be able to finish reading everything, but I’d like to finish reading everything by the time the library closes (10pm). I’ve got materials ranging from Taoism to Zen Buddhism, and even stuff about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What does Chinese medicine have to do with philosophy? Lots!

Medicine and philosophy have had huge influences on each other since ancient times (in both ancient Chinese and Greek cultures). The medicine of both cultures have been heavily philosophical, and at the same time, the philosophy of both cultures have been heavily medicinal. For example, ethics in both ancient cultures was viewed as a sort of parallel with medicine. Morality is analogous to health. To be moral, one has to cultivate one’s self in the same way one had to cultivate one’s body to attain good health.

Surprisingly, physical cultivation and meditation play a huge role in the moral theories of several Chinese philosophers. It’s not just limited to the Taoist philosophers. The same physical cultivation and meditation is used by Confucians (such as Mencius) and especially the Neo-Confucians!

img_3926That’s a lot of pages to read! Well, wish me luck! Time to read!