27 January 2012: Her Side of the Story

[This is The Girlfriend’s side of the story on how we got together. To read The Boyfriend’s account, see “No Words, Just Action.”]

I can’t eat, laugh and talk at the same time. When I try to, I end up eating really slowly. And because I am laughing and talking every time I’m out with The Boyfriend, I eat really slowly. But… I’m glad I ate slowly that day, because we wouldn’t have missed the 9pm show otherwise. I felt guilty then that I had spoiled his plans, but when I think back about, I think it was a good thing.

The River Hongpao was fun. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t have been. It was packed with people, I hate it when it’s flooded with people. But when we sat at the seats high up on the grand stand, the people stopped mattering. And all that’s left was the beautiful view of the festival. We sat there and talked, and ate, and laughed. And then he asked me if I wanted to go to Marina Bay. “Why?” I asked back, because he was acting funny. And he admitted that there’s a show he wanted to bring me to see and it was starting in 15 minutes.

With that, we ran to Marina Bay Sands.

What I remembered: Crossing the DNA helix bridge with A-T and G-C lights. I love being able to share the geeky jokes with him. We could hear the show starting as we walked there. And when we did arrive there, bubbles blew out from the sides, into our faces. It was beautiful. Bubbles! Bubbles just floating out and greeting us. And it didn’t matter that we had missed the show, because… THERE WERE BUBBLES!

When we did finally sit down to watch the 11pm show, we sat in the middle, almost right in front. Perfect seats… Until the wind started blowing towards us and the water showered onto our faces. It didn’t help that I was smiling so much with my mouth open.

Why was I smiling so much? Because I was happy. It was beautiful, I had great company, the show was sweet, and everything was just awesome.

In the show, I saw the lady find love, get married, have children, grow old with her husband happily, and I realised that was what I wanted. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to have someone awesome by my side to grow up and to grow old with.

All my life, I’ve been pushing people away. I never thought I’d be capable of a healthy romantic relationship. Who could love me? Yet, here I was, wanting someone by my side, and he was right there. I leaned on him, and he asked if he could put his arm around me. And when I reached out to hold his hand, I knew it was right. It felt right. Because here was someone who respects me, who doesn’t think that he owns me after a few dates. Someone who loves me, who cares enough to make sure I am comfortable.

As we sat there, we were just happy being in each others’ presence. Happiness.

(If you’re a new reader here and you’re wondering why we’re sharing such stories, read “A Prologue to The Relationship” for the inside scoop!)