Blatantly Obvious yet Vague Label Descriptions

Sometimes, museums can drive you crazy with their super-vague yet sometimes super-obvious descriptions about things, e.g. “earthenware.” Seriously… I know it’s earthenware! It’d be really helpful if they could say a little bit more than that – for example, what’s it used for?

It can be really annoying looking at a gallery full of broken ceramic pots and all the labels say are “Earthenware” or “Broken Earthenware.” Who did they employ to do the labeling?! Captain Obvious? Come on! If they hired me, I’m sure I could give better descriptions than just “Earthenware.”

Anyway… There was one label that was extremely vague yet funny.

Well, before I show you the label, make a guess – what pots are these?

img_3680Were you expecting “Earthenware”? Well, I was!

Surprisingly, it had another label…

img_3681Yeah… Those pots up there – they’re utilitarian vessels!


The first thought that came to my mind was that these vessels maximise utility! My goodness, these things are probably the Holy Grail for utilitarians. *cue Gandalf-like voice* Possess one of these utilitarian vessels, and thou shalt maximise utility throughout the land! *end epic Gandalf-like voice*

I know a few utilitarians. This will definitely make a great birthday/Christmas gift. Haha…

Anyway, the Chinese labels were a lot better. It helped to solve the mystery of the utilitarian vessels. They were just pots used for day-to-day activities. I’m guessing they’re the precursor to Tupperware. I can soooo imagine Tupperware appearing in museums a few centuries from now, again with the same really bad label descriptions, such as “Plasticware,” or better still… UTILITARIAN VESSELS!