Epic Date is Epic

10 Feb 2012.

In the days before, The Girlfriend was down with stomach flu, and so we weren’t able to go out on a romantic date to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day. Being a Friday, we decided we should go out together after lessons to make up for it.

So, off we went to a little island near Harbourfront – no, it’s not Sentosa.

As it turns out, The Girlfriend and I were in for an amazing time – it was one awesome moment followed by another. She’s a really luck girl. And I’m so happy to have such a girl by my side (it means I get to enjoy awesome scenes too)! =)

The first epic sight that greeted us as we were crossing the bridge to the little island was this grand spectacular sunset!


Here’s a panaromic view of the place:


Wow… Epic sunset was truly epic!

We took a nice slow stroll from one end of the island to the other end. By then, the sun had partially hid itself behind the clouds, revealing yet another spectacular sight!


After spending some time there, admiring the beautiful sunset, we figured there would be enough time to explore the rest of the tiny little island and return back to our sunset watching spot to see what remains of the sunset.

It was beautiful. There were boats around the island, a nice little cafe, and lots of lush greenary and flowers. The sight was simply amazing. It was very serene too.

Just when we were done exploring the island, we realised the sunset has turned into something really amazing – as the sun was setting nearer and nearer into the horizon, it had changed into a beautiful cherry red colour.


We started running back to our sunset watching spot, hoping to catch a better view of it. But the sun was beginning to set really quickly.

Here’s the panaroma of the place just before the sun disappeared into the horizon:


A cherry-red glowing sun – yet another epic sight! How often do you see the entire sun go red? That was really cool.

Some time later, we noticed a cloud that looked very much like the Cookie Monster:


We continued standing at the same spot, chatting and laughing. As the sun was beginning to disappear into the horizon, we were in for yet another epic surprise – it was something we never saw in our entire lives! The most beautiful natural phenomenon that we’ve ever seen!

What was it?

Well, the entire sky transformed into a rainbow!


This photo wasn’t photoshopped. At most, I just did some colour correction to the image. That’s all.

Let me emphasize the point – there was no rainbow rainbow. No. Instead, the entire sky itself became a rainbow! The full spectrum of visible light was made manifest in the sky! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet! It was all there in full dazzling array!

It was jaw-droppingly beautiful. Have you seen anything like this in your life? Well, neither have I until that very day!

I was telling The Girlfriend just how lucky she was. It’s her first time onto this little island at the edge of Singapore, and she has already seen so many beautiful things there.

Haha… Next I did something that was unbelievable. You would be surprised I did this on a romantic date too!

I found out that she had some assignment that was due that evening. So, what did I do? I made her do her school assignment! I whipped out my portable mobile broadband stick (a small USB device) and handed it to her. Haha… She had no excuse for not being able to do the assignment.

Yes! Haha… Immediately after seeing such an epic sunset, where the whole sky turned into a rainbow, I made her sit down and do her assignment!

“YOU NERD!!!” That was her reply, said in a playful manner.

[Days later, The Girlfriend told me that recounted this event to her mother. Her mother’s reaction? Very good! HAHA!]

So, for the next hour, she was editing a report.


Meanwhile, I was taking photos of The Girlfriend doing work, and of the island itself. I also opened up my laptop and did my usual time-wasting activity of reading random articles online.

It was already quite dark at night. Surprisingly, the night sky was very very clear. We not only saw the two usual planets visible in the sky – Venus and Jupiter – but we also saw a myriad of stars peppering the night sky. Too bad we only know how to identify Orion’s belt only. I really should get one of those astronomy apps for the iPhone. Apparently, you can wave your handphone at the night sky, and it’ll show you the portion of the sky that you’re point at and what stars you should be seeing at that moment.

Anyway, here’s a photo of Venus (the white dot on the lower left) and Jupiter (the white dot on the upper right):


When she was finally done with her assignment, we took a nice stroll out of the island. And guess what?

There was fireworks!

You see, this little island is not too far from Sentosa. Every weekend, the integrated resort at Sentosa has some light and water display show equipped with fireworks.

Wow… A really awesome sunset where the sun eventually turns red, and the sky turns into an enormous rainbow, followed by beautiful stars and planets on a very clear nightsky (super rare), and fireworks – all in one outing.

That was the most fantastic thing ever – so awesome it was really like a dream.

Epic date was most epic indeed! =)