Cat World!

I really should be doing my work, but this is just too cool not to share.

I’ve been trying to get a cat cage so that I can adopt a little kitten. It’ll be nice for my part-time pet cat to have more friends to play with. And… Auntie Winnie (the auntie who feeds strays) has an enormous cage full of rescued cats. There’s a little kitten in there that’d I’d like to bring home. That way it’ll have more space and won’t be too crammed.

But why a cage? Personally, I don’t like the idea of putting my cat in a cage. However, my family has this great worry over that the cat would destroy everything in the house. So this would be the only way to appease them.

Anyway, to my horror cat cages are expensive! They cost about $200 minimum! You can’t just get a dog cage because cats need vertical space more than horizontal space. And so cat cages are tall and they come with floors to meet those needs.

Well, yesterday, I finally thought to myself… What’s the cheapest way to build a cat cage? I soon realised that I could re-purpose some furniture around the house. That’s where ideas started flowing. And soon enough, I had this grand vision of “Cat World”!!!

The super-duper grand plan for Cat World will be to have a network of cages and tunnels that go through the entire room. This way, the cat will not be trapped in a boxed space, but has some freedom and liberty to roam around my room as if it weren’t in a cage at all.

I began smiling in from cheek to cheek yesterday, excited by the very idea.

Anyway, here’s a sketch I did of a slightly modest version of “Cat World.” This covers about 50% of the super-duper grand plan. I’m so proud of myself. Haha… I actually drew this while standing in the train. I was just too excited about the idea that I had to put the plan onto paper – regardless of where I am.

Click to view a larger version

As you can see, “Cat World” is a world that weaves in very nicely with my world. I’m making use of the wall mounted bookshelves and a portion of my desk (and the area underneath) for this project. It looks like a really fun place for a cat to play in. There are tunnel networks, different “rooms” and several floors. Gosh. When you think about it, this looks a lot like a shopping mall.

Anyway, I saw some furniture in Ikea that seems best suited for the purpose. There’s this expandable shelving unit that costs only $20 per unit. I can connect them horizontally and vertically! Then all I got to do is to wrap wire meshes around it (using cable ties to secure them to the shelving unit’s metal frame) and voila – instant DIY cage!

I could build a standard cat cage for less than $100 using the stuff there. In fact, I estimate that for the same $200, I could build this modest version of “Cat World.” Why buy a crappy $200 cage when you can build “Cat World”? =D

I can imagine the kitten and even my part-time cat enjoying itself in there. All I’ve got to do now is to take the measurements, and save up for this awesome project.

Haha… If I had more money, I’ll go ahead and build the super-duper grand plan, expanding cat world till the network of tunnels and cages cover every space that I don’t use at all (e.g. above the shelves, under the tables, and those hard to reach places). Now that’s what I call – space maximisation!