The Tale of Two Cats

Last night, I had a pleasant surprise when I went down to the void deck to find my beloved cat – I found it with its best-friend/lover! These two cats hold a very special meaning for The Girlfriend and I (See “A Prologue to The Relationship”).

Well, it’s the second time I’m seeing the two cats together, but it’s the first time I got a chance to take a photo of them.


I’d like to think that these two cats are out on a date, just chilling out at their favourite spots in the void deck. The grey cat loves sitting above the fire hosereel. While my cat just enjoys being on the ground.

The grey cat belongs to the auntie who stays on the same floor as me. You have no idea just how excited my beloved orange cat is in going over to her house just to visit the grey cat. Always, you’ll find it sprinting across the corridor just to get there. Whenever it sees the auntie, it knows that it can visit and play with the grey cat. And in that moment, suddenly I (and everyone in my home) become non-existent in its world.

So anyway, this auntie, together with Auntie Winnie (the one who feeds the strays), were at the void deck having a chit-chat, while feeding the two cats.

Food! Where's the food! Give me more!
Food! Where’s the food! Give me more!

I hope to get a photo of the two cats standing closer together – or better yet, cuddling! That will be awesome!